My MarketingProfs Article On Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness

A little while back I wrote an article about how best to measure content marketing effectiveness. That article ran on MarketingProfs this week and the response has been very positive so far.

This issue of measurement is something that we marketers grapple with frequently, and it’s an emerging area that we need to get right.  It’s far too easy to just “assume” that your content marketing efforts are paying off. But if we don’t get hyper focused on measuring its impact in tangible ways, content marketing will get relegated to the same dustbin as Public Relations—you know, that thing that we all do, but really can’t figure out how to measure effectively?

In the article, I have proposed a few ways to push the envelope of your measurement:

Tip 1: Expand your traffic-counting tools: count everything you can to show true ROI

 Tip 2: Use your tags: just like you tag campaigns, tag your content

Read the full article on MarketingProfs here:

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Content Marketing Challenges: Getting More Contributors

Cross posting my content marketing blog post published over on the Percussion blog today. In Content Marketing, getting quality content from your extended team is hard–I have provided my six tips to enable your content contributors. 


Your organization is likely filled with smart people who have strong points of view on relevant topics for your business.  Even if you have a very-engaged core team of bloggers and contributors, or are buying content from third party content services like WriterAccess or Scripted, there are always people at the periphery who *should* be involved with your content creation efforts, and they are not.

Read the full post on the Percussion Web Content Management Blog

By Me: Recent Content Marketing Articles

I have been doing a lot of writing recently, just not for this blog unfortunately. Current topics focus on the rise of content marketing as the latest hot thing, Percussion’s business blogging survey, and new ways to think about how your web content management system plays a role in driving business outcomes.

If you are interested in reading more on these topics, here are some handy links.

MarketingProfs >> Content Marketing: A New Approach to an Old Idea

The premise of this article is that while Content Marketing is not new, how people are thinking of it today has dramatically change perspectives of how it can be used, in particular, by the “c-suite.” Judging from the tweets and retweets of the article, readers found the chart that helps link Content Marketing vehicles to business outcomes particularly interesting and useful.

CMS Wire >> Marketers Want Simplicity in a Complex Online World

I am long a proponent that marketers want simplicity overall. Help me do my job or get out of my way essentially. This article focuses on how the content management community isn’t helping things by “over-complexifying” our world.

Percussion Survey: The Paradox of Blogging: Why aren’t you?

At Percussion, we conducted a survey of over 800 mid-market technology companies to look for trends in the state of blogging today. We found that the vast majority of you weren’t blogging at all. Read the blog post from our Product Marketing Manager here:  And link to download the full report if interested from there.