Contributed Articles

I have been published numerous times across a wide range of publications.  I enjoy writing about marketing issues, and topics relevant to my company, looking for interesting ways to advance the dialogue through blogs postings, articles, and media work.  I am also a frequent contributor to the MarketingProfs website, both for their main publication and the Daily Fix Blog.  Links to many of my articles are posted below.

If you like my style, and are interested in having me contribute an article, reach out to me on twitter: @ajdun or use the contact form below.

Article Log 

MarketingProfs May 22, 2013

How to Gauge the Power and Value of Your Content Marketing

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 Content Marketing Institute Blog December 12, 2012

The 3 “Es” of Community-Driven Content Marketing

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Duct Tape Marketing Blog Nov 15, 2012

The New Marketing Machine

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Marketing Profs

MPDaily Fix – Nov 7, 2012

Just Reusing Your Content isn’t Working Anymore

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B2B Magazine Sept 12, 2012

Is social marketing killing the corporate website?

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Website Magazine Aug 03, 2012

Consumable & Actionable: The Missing Links to Bringing Data to Life

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CMI- May 11 2012

The New Content Life Cycle: 4 Steps to a More Strategic Approach to Web Content


CMS Wire Feb 28, 2012

Marketers Want Simplicity in a Complex Online World

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