About Aaron Dun

What is Marketing Globally and why am I writing about it? Great question.

I have been working directly in global environments for well over 10 years now and in technology marketing for longer than I care to count at this point. For the last 5 I have had direct responsibility for various aspects of marketing in countries as diverse as Germany, Ireland, UK, and India, as well as matrixed responsibility in virtually every country in Europe, Eastern Europe and Israel.

I am also a big fan of disruption. While I ran marketing for Percussion Software as Vice President for Marketing and Strategy, our motto was to do everything with a touch of irreverence. If you have the right amount of fun, and a good sense of humor, out-sized awesomeness will occur. Our track record scaling a new product from 0 in revenue to over $2M in 2 years is proof.

Previously, I worked for Ness Technologies, a mid-sized outsourcing services provider focused on systems integration and software product engineering. I ran marketing in North America, global marketing for the  Software Product Labs business unit, as well as Interactive around the world.  I also managed a team of  telesales professionals based in Mumbai.  I collaborated closely with my peers in Europe and Israel to ensure that  marketing programs are coordinated and that Go-To-Market strategies are aligned with the corporate mission.

I have been lucky to travel frequently to Israel, to  Europe, to India, and of course around the US. As a result I am able to witness first hand the culture clashes that arise naturally from the diverse perspectives each of us bring.

Through these experiences I have learned a ton for sure. But perhaps the most important thing I have learned is that there is much, much more to learn.  This Blog aims to recount my experiences, both the positive and the  negative of learning to work, to adapt,  and to evolve in a global (and digital) environment.


Aaron Dun

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