Happy New Year: Marketing Focus for 2013=SCALE!

This blog has gone a little dark over the last few months as I have focused on writing for my company’s Blog at Percussion Software, the MarketingProfs Blog, and for Content Marketing Institute’s Blog. Feel free to follow me on those channels as well!

For each of the past few years I have written about my marketing focus for the coming year as a way to reflect on what has worked and what has not.  You can read my 2010 post about focus,  my 2011 post about what works, or my 2012 post on being different using the embedded links.

So, what will 2013 marketing strategy centering on? In a word: Scale. In 2012 my team focused on thinking as far outside the box as possible to create a brand persona that is accessible, fun, engaging, and just a touch irreverent.  That is embodied in Percussion’s new logo that we occasionally tweak to look like the emoticon made with a colon followed by a P, :P, or sticking your tongue out.  We will continue making irreverence and fun a priority, we have found that it makes things more interesting.

But our core strategy for 2013 is how to build on the great foundation we created in 2012 and deliver on the goals of the business. Not surprisingly, our best leads come through two major channels: The website, and our email campaigns. Our publishing model will focus on engaging prospects more dynamically across channels, and we will be investing substantially in testing to ensure that we are hitting the mark, refining along the way to optimize our efforts.

We will continue to run events and other targeted campaigns of course as they add significant value, and revenue to our pipeline. In short, I am very excited to get the year rolling!

What about you, what are you focused on for 2013?



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