Moving Towards Agile Marketing, One Step at at Time

Can Marketing run an Agile Process like software development?

This was a question I pondered a year or so ago when I started building my team at Percussion. I had heard of a few other folks using Agile principles to run their marketing team and I found that fascinating. As a tech-head at heart, the concept of a daily stand-up, stories, backlogs etc made a lot of sense to me. I marked it down in my personal backlog in my head as something to consider for the future.

And now, the item finally made it off the backlog list and into a sprint.

Today's Marketing Top 5 Board

One side benefit of the office renovation we just completed is massive whiteboard walls throughout the office. While part of my marketing team sits arm in arm on the sales floor, the other half now sits in area on the north side of the kitchen that I call “Marketing North.” And they have one of the big whiteboard walls.

(And those of you who know me well, know how much I love me some whiteboard!)

To help keep track of team activities and increase transparency with the rest of the org, we recently started posting each of our “Top 5s” to the board. These are the five things we expect to accomplish that week. Every Monday, we will move the completed items to the “Accomplished” list and then carryover/add to it for that week. The expectation is there will always be between 4 and 6 items on the board for each person.

This coming week we are kicking off the “Monday Stand Up” where we each go through out items and add/subtract/complete. Not sure yet if we will move to a daily stand-up, will see how it goes. We are also adding a backlog list of things that are in our queue but not yet made it to the action board.  As with any story board, we need to be sure that we mix in strategic activity and not just tactical execution. The good news is that the ideas are already flowing on a solution.

The best part of the new program? Even though we haven’t formally told anybody about it in the office, we are already getting feedback from people about how helpful it is to know what we are up to.

Stay tuned as we make progress toward becoming Agile Marketers!



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  1. Aaron, best of luck on your journey. If you’d like to interact with like minded Agile Marketing marketers, join us on Facebook:


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