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Since I joined Percussion back in March and started taking the lead on our corporate time to post here has been in short supply. I have had the opportunity to tackle a couple of interesting ideas for the Percussion blog so I thought I would recap two of them here.  Enjoy!

The Rise of the App-Centric Web

I had read an article in about how Apps were going to kill the web and Google. I thought that seemed a bit too salacious. I don’t disagree that the App-based approach to the online world will be transformational. I take issue with the notion that this is the end of Google. Lets not forget that are responsible for the Android platform which certainly is a fast follower to the iApp approach. I have seen numerous other articles on the “App-Internet” as well, will be an interesting trend to watch as it develops.

Search is Dead—Long Live Search, or is it?

Working now for a web content management company, I felt compelled to weigh in on the uproar over the recent Google algorithm change and its potential impact on marketers.  My basic point is that how we think of our websites is actually changing, which will impact how we view search as a tactic.  We are rapidly moving to a world where the company website is no longer the center of the digital universe for that company and what happens in the “edge” of the community is vastly more important.


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