A Washcloth, AND An Iron?

Frequent readers of this blog may recall a rant this past year about travelling in Europe and not having a washcloth or an iron.

Over the last year, it has become my barometer to determine if the hotel is serious about international travelers. Have either a washcloth or an iron and you are at least realizing that people from America might be coming to visit you.

At risk of sounding like a crass American who likes things his way, it was with great pleasure to arrive at the lovely Westbury Mayfair hotel in London and find BOTH a washcloth AND an Iron in the room.  And I appreciated the speed that they got the room ready since I showed up several hours before check-in.

Now I just need to remember what I am supposed to tip people around here!





Change is Good

Today I am embarking on a new journey. After three years running marketing for Ness Technologies in North America and parts of Europe, I am joining Percussion Software, a high growth web content management software company. I will be working on rebuilding the marketing effort and positioning the company for rapid growth in this very dynamic market. (and I will be building a team as well if you are a marketer living in the Boston area with experience in inbound channels, drop me a line!)

I am looking forward to the new challenges this will represent, and a return to my software marketing roots. B2B Services was fun and rewarding for sure, but the straight line connection between activity and revenue is much more specific in the software world.

I will surely be blogging and tweeting on behalf of the company, but will cross post links here as well. I intend to keep up my focus in this blog on global marketing concepts even though my company posts will tend to focus on content strategy issues I am sure. I have found though that they often overlap.

So here is to closing old chapters and opening new ones!