Is Facebook now the Internet?

Funny thing happened as I sat down to watch the Superbowl commercials around the football game. I noted a number of ads that touted the company’s Facebook address rather than web address.

I remember quite clearly when I started noticing .com addresses on television ads, particularly ones that were tailored to continue the experience of what you just saw on TV. A few years back some companies like even started to offer an online continuation of the Ad itself.

And now, starts popping up. I didn’t do a formal count but there was definitely a few. And I am not sure what to make of Pepsi flipping it around to (The link still resolves to their Facebook page.)

On the day when AOL announces its intention to acquire The Huffington Post, I can’t help thinking back to late 1992 when one of my college friends got his new computer and CompuServe account. And my AOL account followed not that long after that. Those were the original “walled gardens” of course, and the full power of the Internet and the dot com gold rush of the late 90s wiped them off the face of the earth for all practical purposes (though Compuserve does live on–sort of–as a sub-brand of AOL. )

And yet here we are, staring at a modified return to the same. It will be interesting to see if some companies start eschewing .com and just stay in Facebook completely. Hard to see that today, but with every step Facebook takes to make themselves more open, it’s not as large a leap as it once was.



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  1. […] walled garden along the lines of AOL in its early heyday. You can read that post if you would like (Is Facebook Now the Internet?), but the point was simply that as more and more brands adopted Facebook, and promoted their […]

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