Photostream: Alleys Around the World

I admit it, I like taking pictures of alleys.

My wife chuckled at me a few years ago when she noticed my habit when we are off on a trip together.  But I can’t help it. I find it fascinating to consider the possibilities of what is “just over there.” I also marvel at the way perspective shifts as you look down the street from the one you are on. And yes we do often wander off the beaten path to explore, but sometimes it’s more interesting to keep it unknown, a mystery.

As part of my work I have the good fortune to travel to some pretty interesting places. While not as well travelled as many people I know, I consider myself lucky to have been to places like Jerusalem, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal), Dublin, Prague, Munich, Göteborg, the UK and others, as well as fascinating cities right here in the US.

On those trips I started packing a small point and shoot camera, and I also upgraded the storage on my Blackberry. I have taken hundreds of pictures over the past two years as a result. Some of them are pretty good, and some of them pretty much suck (which I try to delete). But I am most struck by those Alleys, Gates and other vistas that I have captured.

So rather than post a photo stream of mediocre pictures of places that are well chronicled by other, more accomplished  photographers, I posted a set on Flickr of just those Alleys.  For now they are essentially the raw photos. As I get more time I will edit some of them for impact, weed out some of the marginal ones, and add to it as I travel to new and interesting places.

I hope you enjoy the stream!



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