Old Spice Social Media Globally Relevant?

Unless you have been living under a marketing rock you are well aware of the Old Spice TV campaign that morphed into an online and social media campaign. The ads feature a shirtless Isaiah Mustafa very cleverly touting how Old Spice makes you feel better.

It has been incredibly visible.  Google “Old Spice ads”, check out their YouTube video page, Facebook page, or scan the blogosphere and you will see all you need to know.  (And thanks to old friend Ted Weismann for pointing out the Twitter/Video Responses on his blog. My favorite to @GuyKawasaki: “Is there a “Girl Kawasaki?” very very brilliant.)

But has it been a success?  Old Spice says it is. AdWeek’s AdFreak.com reports that sales are up, wayyyy up. And people like you and me are talking about it. I can’t tell you how many times we have uttered the words “I am a Man… on a Horse…” in my household this year. (Don’t ask, it’s funny in context!) At the same time, I haven’t bought anything, nor do I intend to.

Regardless about whether I buy anything, I think we can agree that if the goals for the campaign were to get people talking, raise the profile of the brand, and increase sales, I think it’s a resounding three checks across the board.

So what’s next? As a global marketer, I often think about how these things would translate globally. Does the image of a shirtless man on a horse, on a beach, or in a shower play overseas? Given some of the ads I see from Northern European countries it would probably work there (!), but maybe not in other more conservative cultures.

Will wait and see what happens next, it has definitely been a fascinating effort.


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