USA 1 – England 1

It was a huge match for the Americans to squeeze a tie out of the heavily favored Brits yesterday. And save for a desperate dive by the English keeper and a well placed post, The Yanks may have pulled a win outright.


Right about the time the match came to an end, a young left fielder strode to the plate in a sold-out Fenway park. It was his first major league appearance after several years in the low minors and independent leagues. His parents scrambled to get to Boston in time to see their son’s debut leaving their luggage at the notoriously slow Boston Logan baggage carousel. As luck would have it, the bases were loaded in a game the home town Red Sox trailed 2-0.

On the very first pitch he saw, Daniel Nava drove the ball into straight away center field.  37,000 fans rose as won, as did millions more watching on the Fox national broadcast.  High and deep, the ball carried well into the Red Sox bullpen where it was caught by Red Sox reliever Manny Delcarmen.

Bedlam ensued.

As a citizen of the global world, I do understand the Football phenomenon, and can appreciate it being played at the highest level. I cheered when the British keeper etched his name permanently in England’s dog house, practically an own-goal. I sweated out the last few minutes of the match hoping the Yanks could hold on to the…. Tie?

Sorry, it just doesn’t work for me.

Yes its true, I prefer the drama of the early stages of an important June baseball game to the vagaries of what we call Soccer.

Postscript: Wouldn’t you know it, Nava came up the very next inning with the bases loaded. Only this time he struck out. The Red Sox did hold on for a 10-2 win however.


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