Taking the Plunge, Launching a Corporate Blog

Yes, it’s true, our software product engineering business unit has formally launched its blog this week. You can read it here: http://blog.ness.com/spl

What you say? You are only launching a corporate Blog NOW? Don’t you know that is so 2008. (“So 2000 and Late!” sing the Black Eyed Peas.) Don’t you know that it’s all about Twitter, and Facebook and your social network du jour?

Yes, we know all of those things.

But, we have three simple goals:

  1. We want to have a vehicle for providing our point of view directly to our customers and prospects
  2. We need to advance our thought leadership on software development issues and the market facing opportunities to move our message to the CTO, SVP Engineering types are limited
  3. We need to drive awareness across a highly targeted set of key words

So sure, you can follow us on Twitter (@ness_tech) or visit our Facebook page, check out our LinkedIN company page, or view a few videos from various business units on YouTube, but doesn’t a good ol fashioned blog make sense given the above objectives? And heck the good news is we can learn from vast quantities of tips and tricks out there (good post from HubSpot on the subject here) Even better, we can learn from all of your mistakes!

So check it out, join the conversation, and let us know what you think!


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