An Update on 2010 Marketing Themes: Segmentation Rules

My post on my 2010 marketing themes and strategies from early January continues to be one of the more popular articles in the past few weeks, which has me scratching my head a bit. After all, its the end of February, shouldn’t you have already figured out your theme for 2010?

At the same time, we should always test our assumptions and make changes as market dynamics shift. In fact in the last 6 weeks I have decided we will make an even greater commitment to segmentation. I realigned our telesales teams to better support this and make sure the front-end of the funnel pushes the right kinds of opportunities out the other end to improve our close ratios.

The other thing it does is helps our brand awareness activities. I have said to all who will listen that I can’t build awareness across the whole country (Superbowl ad anyone?!). It takes too much time, too much money, and wont be particularly relevant to the vast majority of the people we touch.  But give me 500 or so top targets and we can build awareness right THERE.  It’s really much easier.  It’s much more focused and in the end, marketing, telesales, and direct sales wind up in perfect alignment.

As Bob Riazzi, the incoming President of Reachforce put it in his 2010 kick off blog post: “But sheer numbers alone aren’t the answer.  Filling your marketing database gaps with the right, most relevant contacts will be critical for success.”

I couldn’t agree more.


One Response

  1. Well put, Aaron.

    We’ve built some good, somewhat inadvertent brand awareness simply because of the laser focusing and segmentation we do here. The better we can be at sending relevant messages to the people that really have the pain, the more stickiness our brand has in the minds of our prospects and the more fluidly our sales cycle runs.

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