Time to Execute

Planning time is over. Kick offs are done (well, almost anyway) and its time to rock 2010.  Oh wait, it’s already 2011?

Sometimes it feels like that. You spend so much time plotting out your 2010 strategy starting at the end of the summer 2009, while trying to close the year strong and begin programs rapidly in the New Year, it’s easy to lose track of sales cycles.  If you don’t have a handle on how long it takes prospects to move through the sales funnel and start generating revenue you could be in big trouble.

Sounds basic, I know, but I have learned that it’s often the most basic things that we forget to manage regularly.   To help make sure we kicked the year off strong we are in the middle of an intense “micro-event” swing.  Several tightly messaged, intimate groups discussing topics relevant to their businesses.  While they are not overtly sales pitches, clearly our goals are to uncover opportunities.  So far so good.

One more picked up piece from my travels. Over the course of 4 weeks I was in Delhi, Phoenix and Santa Cruz CA.  At no time was the temperature in ANY of those cities above 65 and it was only about 60 for like 6 hours total… Sure it was better than Boston, but not at all what I was expecting!


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