Analysts Redux (and I am not a member of the media)

Sorry to disappoint. While I appreciate the traffic that the folks at ZL Technologies are sending my way from their Gartner lawsuit Press Coverage list, I chuckle that they consider my blog on par with ZDNet and Informationweek and the like.  Of course, now I recognize why my contacts at Gartner are not returning my call!

So lest I am accused of playing favorites, let me just make one comment about a recent report from Forrester. They just published a very good report on the budget outlook for IT Services. I found it very insightful. Unfortunately the study relies on data gathered in April & May! Further it leads with a stat about the state of IT Budgets for 2009.  I am not sure how it helps me plan for next year to know that the budgets are expected to drop for the year just past?  Good for benchmarking I guess, but hard to plan around that.

Generally I find the data provided by both Gartner and Forrester to be highly valuable. But when it takes 6 months to go from data collection to publishing a report, particularly in a year as volatile as this one, it’s really not that helpful.


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