MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit

I have spent the last few days jamming on my presentation for the upcoming Marketing Sherpa B2B event in San Francisco and Boston.  I am trying to avoid doing bulleted slides (so BORING!), but its harder than it looks.

I am calling this talk: “How to market when every dollar counts–Twice.”  The thrust of the presentation is centered on how we do more with less, while avoiding the natural paralysis that arises when budgets shrink and the need to focus goes up.  I haven’t been blessed with massive budgets in my career so instead I have tried to look for creative ways to make budget dollars go farther.  This presentation is a compilation of my best thinking on this topic, and a case study on our recent agile development campaign.

And for good measure, I am throwing in a few words on good ‘ol micro economic opportunity cost theory just to see if people are awake in the back of the room.  Can’t wait to see the Twitter chatter when I get to THAT point in the presentation!

Speaking of Twitter, the coordinators published the event hashtag this week.  You can follow the proceedings using #sherpab2b09. And as the event draws closer I intend to capture some of your best ideas for cost effective marketing concepts and posting them here and republishing them over Twitter.  But don’t be shy, you can start now.

See you in San Francisco, or Boston.


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