Business Intelligence and the Butterfly Effect

I have mentioned in a previous post that Ness is kicking off a focused Business Intelligence services campaign targeted at Business Intelligence owners. It’s no surprise that spending on Business Intelligence is holding steady, even growing, despite the economy.  The demand for data just becomes more pressing by the day.

We liken BI to the Butterfly Effect. You may be familiar with the premise as it relates to time travel, the movie of the same name starting Ashton Kutcher, or the original weather-related parable that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, it spawns a tornado in Texas.. . The business corollary is simply: what decision would you make differently with better, more timely information? You can read more from Ness on this subject here.

We are testing a few different ideas in the social media world at the same time.  You will notice that the page on is written a bit differently than a traditional B2B web page—we wanted to give it a bit lighter touch.  We also are not making you register to download our short paper (heresy in the B2B world!)

In fact the only way to get to this page is to click on it from this blog, our various Twitter feeds, our Facebook page, our LinkedIn groups, and a few other places. I have written before about “Getting outside the four walls of your web site” and this is our first formal attempt to do it. You can engage with us however you wish, we are trying to make it easy, and interesting, no matter the medium you choose.

So take a look through our different pages, and feel to play BI Buzzword Bingo with us on Twitter by using the #BuzzBingo hashtag.


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