Happy Fourth of July (US)

Some jokes never get old

Call me silly or just a crass American, but I always get a kick out of the 4th of July here in the US. Not because I love fireworks (I do) or the local parade (yep, that’s me on the fire truck), or a good excuse for a BBQ (not that I really need one). Nope, I love those planning meetings with the folks in the UK where I remind them that “I will be out this Friday, marking that little holiday when we celebrate chucking you out of our country.”

I know, its silly. Let me apologize for now and forever.

Fortunately most of the people I work with in the UK either laugh because they figure that is the easiest way to make me change the subject, or they chuckle quietly AT me rather than with me. Either way, they know it’s harmless. But when planning your marketing campaigns for other countries, it probably sounds obvious, but double check the calendar to make sure you aren’t running up against any holidays you didn’t know about. Next time you are planning a launch in Spain in April or May, make sure to avoid Semana Santa.

Really, I know! But every year I can’t resist anyway.


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