Use Twitter to Make Your Conference Better

I read this headline: “Five reasons why your business/social media conference sucks” at Viral Garden about the MarketingProf’s B2B forum and about died. How could he think the show was terrible?  But then I read the piece and it’s a pretty good primer on how to run a good event, using the forum as an example of what To-Do rather than What-Not-To-Do.

The one thing I would add is using Twitter to draw in the conversation in real time.  They didn’t do it overtly at the conference, but you could track the real time feed using the hash tag #mpb2b easily enough.  Certainly some people were just annoying about it (is it necessary to update every two seconds? Really?) but it gave me a good perspective on what else was happening, and gave a voice to the audience.

Added bonus, I knew what I was missing in other sessions! After all, how many times are you sitting in a session that isn’t very good and wondering what the other ones were like? Well, now you can find out.

I am speaking at an upcoming MarketingSherpa event and have a few ideas on how to use Twitter to draw the audience in before, during and after, but am interested in more. Post your ideas here, and I will give you a shout out from the stage (although after reading the Viral Garden, I think I will skip the PPT!)

(PS @aplusk is now my new BFF!)



2 Responses

  1. Some good thoughts here, thanks for sharing!

  2. What about having a Tweet In prior to the conference for those who are attending and those who aren’t, to get people engaged in your topic. Take a look at this piece if you haven’t already seen. You can use ideas from the Tweet In in your presentation and let people who attended the Tweet In know what happened in the presentation. Talk to you tomorrow.


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