Wrap up from MarketingProfs B2B Event

Ok. It’s hard to distill down what I learned over 2 days at the event in Boston. But I will try.

  • Measure everything, and link it to business outcomes. If you aren’t tracking pipeline growth and efficiency metrics, you might just be out of a job soon.
  • IBM is doing some seriously cool stuff online, unfortunately I can’t do any of it.
  • What people are doing with Twitter is pretty amazing.  Not sure why they are compelled to “tweet the conference” but it was sure interesting to see the real time audience chatter
  • And along the lines of Twitter, I better get cracking on that personally and professionally.  In 24 hours I figured out what  a “Hash Tag” was and doubled the folks following me. I even had three RTs!
  • iPhones are ruling the marketing universe.  But I still like my Blackberry.
  • From Babcock & Jenkins + Forrester, there is no such thing as a traditional “Funnel” any more, and it’s increasingly difficult to measure what campaign action drove the final sale.

And to top it all off, I had a pretty timely meeting with ReachForce. Talk about right service at the right time, right now.

In the end, I realize that I learned a ton of things, and met some great folks. But perhaps the true value I get out of these things is just some dedicated time to get outside of my box.  To think about marketing innovation and where we can push next.   Sure I remember some basic blocking and tackling things as well, but it’s the focused time to think about marketing strategy and tactics without worrying about day to day execution for a few minutes.

And for that alone, the event was well worth it.


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