“Extending beyond the four walls of our web site”

The web site is so late 90s. I realized this some months ago as we were going through our massive rebuild of the ness.com web site.  We gave ample thought to how we were going to build hooks to other social media platforms, allow for RSS and content sharing, and then marry other forms of online presence to reach our main objectives.  What we managed to do without intending to, was define a strategy “for the WEB” rather than define a strategy “for the WEB SITE.”

Now that might not sound like much of an “Ah-Ha” but here we were investing vast amounts of time and money to get our web site just right, and the reality is that it’s now just one piece of our online efforts. Surely it’s the anchor point, and we better have gotten it right, but if we stopped there, we should surely fail in reaching our objectives.

At the MarketingProfs B2B Forum I am attending this week, Sandy Carter of IBM used the term “Online watering holes” as places to find and INTERACT with your customers and prospects.  And that really is the point. It’s no longer about extending your BRAND throughout the web using static channels to drive as much traffic back to your site. Today, it’s about extending your ONLINE PRESENCE to every nook and cranny on the web where your audience lives, or what I am referring to as “beyond the four walls of your web site.” Stay tuned as we explore how to do this most effectively in the coming months.

And apparently that applies to blogging as well. This Blog is so 2007! Twitter is now. Start following me there as well if you would like. http://twitter.com/ajdun


3 Responses

  1. Check out Sandy’s book – “The New Language Of Marketing 2.0” – lots of good stuff with 50+ case studies.


  2. […] feeds, our Facebook page, our LinkedIn groups, and a few other places. I have written before about “Getting outside the four walls of your web site” and this is our first formal attempt to do it. You can engage with us however you wish, we are […]

  3. […] I just started skimming through it. So far, it’s pretty good, and if you read my post on “the four walls theory” you know I am a proponent. Our challenge for this year will be to innovate and experiment […]

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